Master Painting Step-By-Step

So this is a project I did while still in school, and I thought it be a great one to post up here since I took photos of my process step-by-step while I was working on it.

So I started out with a basic line drawing using charcoal. Then I traced over the charcoal with very thin oil paint and once it had dried most of the way, I rubbed off the excess with a paper towel.














Now, I did not get a picture of the next step. I covered the canvas with a thin green-blue wash. This helped unify the layers of paint over top. After that I blocked in the midtones and did minor highlights and shadows. I jump around a bit, so I started with the background, and then went to the rocks and figures once I got bored.














Some more shadows in the flesh are added.














Highlights are added. The landscape gets more developed. The water is painted in with brushy strokes of blues and browns














I realized that certain aspects of the faces needed to be changed, so those corrections start to be made. More shadows are added, mainly in blue and green tones. Note the color difference in the golden pot, and the creases of the red dress. A darker glaze is applied to the black dress to tone down the highlights, and a red floral pattern is added. The water get a blue glaze, and the waterfall is fleshed out. The rocks and foliage are also more developed.














The finish product. The hair was added by blocking in a solid brown and then adding streaky highlights and shadows, blended out with a fan brush. More striations are added to the trees and rocks to give them depth. The head in the water was done in the similar fashion as the rest of the flesh.

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