Bella Diablo Step-By-Step

First, I blocked in the image using midtones and subtle shadows to give definition over the rough pencil drawing I did. The features of the face are done darker.














Darker shadows are added to the flesh in shades of purple and pinks. Highlights start being placed in pale yellow tones. The features of the face and the hair are given more definition with blacks.














More shadowing is added. The eyes are given more life, as well as the mouth. More detail is added to the heart, and at this point I realized her right hand needed to be the opposite way, so that was redone. The background of the picture starts to get mapped out.














White highlights are added to the skin and eyes, to make her more luminous. The heart also gets highlights to look wet. The wallpaper background is fleshed out. The picture frame and background color are added.














The finish product.

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